Beat Bad Microbes materials reach Kigali for Pilot Study 2

We are continuing to work with the Rwandan Community Pharmacists Association and the University of Rwanda and our second pilot study is taking place in Kigali in August 2019.

We have taken account of feedback from our first study in Rwanda where worked with  pharmacists and pharmacy users to produce and evaluate a set of materials to explain the dangers of antibiotic resistance.

Our new materials use a revised visual identity made by Design Science and illustrations by Nikoletta Karastathi.  They have been designed by members of the project team in collaboration with colleagues in Rwanda.

Here, team member Manjula Halai, tells pharmacists in Kigali how to use the materials in their pharmacies:

Information Design and Architecture in Persuasive Pharmacy Space: combating AMR [IDAPPS] is an AHRC-funded project.